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Services offered by Beatmillionaire

Beatmillionaire offers different services for Producers, Beat makers and Musicians. Scroll down below to see which of our services can help you out.

Whether you are looking for a brand new and unique logo or audio spectrums (audio visualizer) for your Beat YouTube Videos, we got you covered at Beatmillionaire.

We make you stand out from the rest & you make sure your brand deserves the best!

Producer Logo Services

Looking for a brand new and unique music logo? Let Beatmillionaire help you out. Thanks to our graphic skills we can help you out with any design. Contact us for more information.

Led Keys

Feel it. Play with it.

Beat makers and producers work day and night. Their keyboards should, too. We introduce to you LED keyboards that come in different colors, functional with both Mac OS and Windows.

Whisper-level pressing noise and low-profile keys ensure your fingers stay comfy all day long, and you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone if a sick beat pops into your head in the middle of the night and you must get it down -- it doesn’t matter that it’s 3 am.

When you sit down in the studio to work your magic, you shouldn’t have to search for keys, they should be making themselves seen, because you don’t need any extra steps between you and success.

Producer EQ Services

Looking for a audio visualizer for your YouTube Video? Beatmillionaire can help you out. We offer beautiful audio visualizers that move along with your beat. Make your video more interactive and professional with a unique EQ. We can also put your logo in the EQ. Contact us for more information.

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Our Latest Beat Available Now!

This brand new beat by Beatmillionaire was produced by Bennie Mellies. The beat "Chica" has some smooth marimbas and other tropical reggaeton sounds. Make sure to check it out and let us know if you like it...

Our Producers

At Beatmillionaire we share our passion with multiple producers. Together we create awesome beats on a weekly base and release these beats on YouTube, Beatstars and Soundcloud. Below you will find our producers/beat makers. For more information make sure you also check out our Producer Database, which has your favorite  producer and beat maker listed, worldwide!

Don Cartel

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